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1. What is the Sort Collection field?

The Sort Collection is an algorithm field that systematically organizes a collection of elements, such as numbers or strings, in a specific order. It operates by comparing and rearranging individual elements within the collection to produce a new, sorted arrangement. 

The sort can be performed in either ascending or descending order, depending on the user's preference. In ascending order, elements are arranged from the smallest to the largest, while in descending order, they are arranged from the largest to the smallest. 

The sorting process involves multiple iterations and comparisons, ensuring that each element is placed in its correct position relative to the other elements in the collection. This results in a structured, ordered output that is easier to analyze and understand

Note: In this article, we will be using WooCommerce integration as an example.

The Sort Collection field options may vary depending on the integration and the collections it contains.

Using this field, it is possible to manipulate the values of the following WooCommerce collections and automatically sort them in either ascending or descending order:

  • Images
  • Tags
  • Up-Sells
  • Cross-Sells
  • Product Attributes
  • Downloadable files

2. Sort Collection field Options

 2.1 Images

Sort by collections:

- Images/ ID

- Images/ URL

- Images/ Name

- Images/ Alt Text

- Images/ Position 

2.2 Tags

Sort by collections:

- Tags/ ID

- Tags/ Name

2.3 Up-sells

Sort by collections:

- Up-sells/UID

2.4 Cross-sells

Sort by collections:

- Cross-sells/UID

2.5 Product Attributes

Sort by collections:

- Product Attributes/ Name

- Product Attributes/ Visible

- Product Attributes/ Variation

- Product Attributes/ Options

2.6 Downloadable Files

Sort by collections:
- Downloadable Files/ Name

- Downloadable Files/ URL

With this, we will be ending our Sort Collection custom field article.

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