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1. What is a Collection Filter?

Collection Filter allows us to filter the collection by comparing the field value that is part of a   chosen collection to a given condition. 

Note: In this article, we will be using WooCommerce integration as an example.

The Collection Filter field options may vary depending on the integration and the collections it contains.

2. Collection Filter Options


2.1 Name  

The name of the Collection Filter field you would like to see in the Mapping section


2.2 Choosing the collection

In this example, we will be using the Product Attributes collection.

2.3 Match By 

Matching by the field you are trying to set the Condition ( Rule) for that specific collection.


2.4 Choose Condition  

  • Is set - Has value applied / Is not empty
  • Is not set - Has no value applied / Is empty
  • Equal s- Value equals the provided value
  • Not Equals - Value is not equal/different than the provided value
  • In a Sequence - The value is within the provided sequence
  • Not In a Sequence - Value is within the provided sequence
  • Like - Finds a specific pattern in a value

2.5 Enter Value 

Sets the value for the collection field you will be using( in this use-case we will not be using this setting).


2.6 Set output value field if rules are met  

Example for this use-case, If the matching field is Product Attributes/Variation, and is "Not Set" then we will filter out only the products without a variation - Simple products.


3. Example and how to use it

Example: WooCommerce

In this use case example, we will be filtering our products based on their Name:

In the above image, we used 'Like' as our condition and 'Blue Jeans' value, this means that we will now filter out the set of products that contains 'Blue Jeans' in their name.

Here is how the Mapping screen and a value Preview would look like:

1. Mapping:

2. Preview:


With this step, we will end our Collection Filter article.

We hope that this covers everything. If you have any further questions or need additional clarification please reach out to us via [email protected] or our Chat Widget! 

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