Add/Modify Schema Field - Workflow Action

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Due to its nature, the Workflow feature may create infinite loops in SyncSpider core. That could put our system under high pressure. For that reason, the Workflow feature is only granted to verified developers. 

If you are looking to get the Workflow feature, you can reach out to our support chat after you have already built 5 working integrations (which don't require the Workflow feature). These integrations should be built into your account and should be made public after our developers have tested them.

This Action lets you modifying the value of a Schema Field as either a new field or a Modified existing field.

We offer the following Operations which you can do on your data:



Concatenated field represents single value field whose value is made by concatenating several other columns with concatenation character.

Specify the Field Name, Concatenation character(s), Prefix and Postfix and you are all done.


This field can be hidden from the schema and only used for a header by checking the box at the bottom.


Use encryption

Create an encryption field by concatenating, merging fields and encrypt them.
We currently support the following encryptions: sha1, sha256, md5, hash, base64_encode, crypt, cr32 and ord.

After selecting the encryption method you will have the added concatenating option displayed at the bottom.



Combined field represents multiple values field whose values are made by using several other columns values. Each value of each combined column will be used as one of values for this field.

All you need to do is fill in the name of this combined field that collects values from all iterations (whole column/list).


This modifier allows you to add, subtract, multiply and divide field values by selecting the existing values and operations and adding them via right side buttons to form a mathematical expression.




Date Transformation

Convert any date to the required format date.

Name the field and select the desired date format and the source field(attribute).


This operation is used to extract a single value from a Collection field by specifying its
path for extracting the Key, Value and Label fields used for the extraction.


Remove empty values

Set to Modifying Existing Fields and simply put in the path to the empty value field.


Modifying Existing Fields


The only additional thing you will be prompted to select is
the field you are taking the data from.


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