Value Manipulation Field

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1. What is Value Manipulation Field

Value manipulation field represents a field whose value is made by taking value from an existing schema field and manipulate (transform) it in the chosen format.

2. Value Manipulation Field Options

2.1 Name

The name of the Value manipulation custom field that you would like to see in the Mapping section.

2.2 Field to Manipulate  

The Fields that you would like to manipulate in the Value manipulation field.

2.3 Action over field  

Introducing a function designed to manipulate a selected field from a schema. This function offers a range of operations, including but not limited to converting to uppercase, converting to lowercase, changing data type, removing emojis, and more.

3. Example and how to use it

The Value Manipulation Field is a highly versatile feature that offers a range of functionalities, each serving a specific purpose. Let's delve into the details of each field and explore their potential use cases:

Change type: This field allows you to convert the data type of a value. For instance, you can convert a string to a number or vice versa, enabling you to manipulate and process data more effectively.

Uppercase: With this field, you can transform text to uppercase, ensuring consistency and uniformity in your data. It's particularly useful when dealing with case-sensitive operations or when you want to present information in a standardized format.

Lowercase: Similar to the Uppercase field, the Lowercase field enables you to convert text to lowercase. This can be beneficial when you need to normalize data or perform case-insensitive comparisons.

Trim: The Trim field removes any leading or trailing whitespace from a string. This is valuable when working with user inputs or data that may contain unintentional spaces, ensuring data integrity and accuracy.

Left Trim: Specifically focusing on the beginning of a string, the Left Trim field eliminates leading whitespace. This is useful in scenarios where you need to clean up data inputs that may have undesired spaces at the start.

Right Trim: In contrast to Left Trim, the Right Trim field removes trailing whitespace from the end of a string. It comes in handy when you want to tidy up data entries that might have trailing spaces.

Preg Replace: By employing regular expressions (REGEX), the Preg Replace field enables you to search for specific patterns within a string and replace them with desired content. This offers powerful manipulation capabilities when dealing with complex data transformations.

B64 to JPEG: This field allows you to convert Base64-encoded data into a JPEG image format. It comes in handy when you have encoded images and need to decode them for display or further processing.

Replace: The Replace field enables you to find and replace specific values or characters within a string. This is useful for data cleanup tasks or when you need to substitute certain elements with others.

Emoji To HTML: This field converts emojis within a string into their corresponding HTML entities. It is particularly useful when dealing with user-generated content or social media data that contains emojis.

Remove Emoji: As the name suggests, this field removes emojis from a string. It proves beneficial when working with text that needs to be stripped of any emoticons or non-standard characters.

Merge With Multiple Value Fields: This field allows you to combine multiple value fields into a single field, providing a consolidated view of related data. It's ideal for situations where you want to aggregate information from different sources or create a unified output.

Exploring the capabilities of each field provides a comprehensive understanding of how the Value Manipulation Field can be leveraged for various use cases, enabling efficient data manipulation and processing.

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