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1. What Is Combined Field

Combined field represents multiple values field whose values are made by using several other columns values. Each value of each combined column will be used as one of values for this field.

Combined field takes 2 or more fields and combines them into one field that you can use to map multiple fields, unlike "Collection" Field which can only map Collection Fields.

Note: If you select fields from multiple collection fields, collection from last selected field will be used as source data.

2. Combined Field Options

Name- Name of the Combined Field

Type - Type of Value (Text and Number, Date and Image)

Combine Column - Fields that you want to combine, by clicking the + sign you add the specific field you have selected.

3. Example and how to use it

EG. Google Sheet to CSV (First and Last Name to Full Name)

To create and set a Combined Field, We can do this by going to the mapping section, and on the bottom left corner click on the "+" sign then click on Combined Field.

Here is how it should looks completely Mapped 

When we map the custom field with the "Full Name" destination field it is very important that we set "Take all (concatenate) " in the Multi values behavior so that the custom field we created takes both values and not only the first or the last.

As you can see , everything mapped correctly in "Preview Values".

With this we will be ending our Combined fields article.

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