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Compare field represents comparison by selected action on column. .
Because of operation complexity and time/resource consumption, values will not be visible in task preview.

Important NOTE: To use Comparing fields, you will have to have a field that has a "Number" Value. This Field can be only created in CSV in source


To create a Compare Field, Simply go to your mapping and in the bottom left corner find "Custom Fields " click on the + sign  


To find the "Compare Field"  go to your Source CSV Configuration, it is under "Custom Fields" 


Here are all the options for "Compare Field" 

Name - Name of the Field


Unique Field for Compare - Field you are comparing the other field to


Compare Action - Compare fields and find minimum value or 

Compare fields and find maximum value


Compare Field - The Number field you will be comparing the original field with


Compare Behavior - Keep All rows and update their values depending on selected action OR Unset rows that have lower/greater value than "Compare Field" 




E.G. Compare field to get the lowest price based on an unique identifier SKU that is same by different Vendors.  


In this Example, we will be using lowest price, by using the Manifacturers SKU and comparing it to the "Price" ( Number data type) Field


With these options we are using the Lowest Value from all the Manifacturers SKU's and comparing it to the Price of that product. 


Here are all the options we used for this example:


After we have created the Compare field, we will map it with the "Price" Destination Field.




With this we finish our help file, if you need any kind of assistance, please do contact our support for further questions !

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