How to use Constant Value?

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In this article, we will be going over what Constant Values are, how they behave while mapping, and when and where they should be applied.


Constant Value is a field unique to SyncSpider that is present in every mapping step of any task, regardless of the Integrations and entities used.


It is found on the left-hand side, where the fields of the Source Integration are.


When mapped with a field on the right-hand side, where the fields of the Target Integration are, all entries pertaining to that Target's field will share the value you set your Constant Value to be.


E.G. If we wanted all the contacts we are migrating from one platform to another to have the phone number set as unknown, we would map the phone field with the Constant Value, and that value would be "unknown". 


Constant Values are invaluable when it comes to Mandatory fields of the Target integrations. 

Those fields have a small orange dot next to them, indicating that the task will not work or simply not be able to get triggered unless it is mapped with something.


However, depending on your needs and data you have, you will not know/need to map them, which is where Constant Values come to play.

Let us now look into how they behave and are configurable depending on the field type of the Target Integration we are mapping them with.

Boolean (yes/no) fields


When mapped with boolean fields, you will be prompted to select the Constant Value as either yes or no, meaning that all entries will have that field's value set to either yes or no, based on what you selected.


E.G. When sending products from one platform to another, oftentimes there's a boolean field called Published. So when transferring product, we can set them to always arrive as published or unpublished, using the Constant Value.




Option fields


Similar to boolean fields, option fields offer multiple choices while mapping. You can either use the appropriate field of your Source Integration or use the Constant Value field to always go with one choice. 


E.G. When sending over Leads from Intercom to Slack, you will have to select the Slack channel's prefix where the Lead should arrive to. It can be either "@" or "#". 

Since Intercom doesn't have a corresponding field in its response body, we will use a constant value to map with the Channel prefix field and select either "@" or "#".




Text / Number fields


These types of fields give you the most freedom when mapping them with Constant Values, in the sense that you get to manually input the desired value.


E.G. The Leads we are sending from Intercom to Slack need to arrive at a specified channel (text field). When mapped with a Constant Field, we will be prompted to enter that channel's name:



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