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Split field is used to split a field into 2 sub-fields or more depending on your usecase.


Example :  Google Sheet to CSV (Using full name to split it into a Name and a Surname)


To create and set a Split Field, We can do this by going to the mapping section, and on the bottom left corner click on the "+" sign then click on Split Field


Here are the options for Split Field:


Name - Name of the Split Field

Set Number of fields - A number of fields under the Split field

Set Seperator - Comma, Period, Semicolon, Tab, Space, Other ( For other you use the specific seperator in that usecase, it can be any special character that is used for it) 

Field names -  Name of the fields under the Split field 

Select field to split - The field we are spliting this field from.


Here is how we configured it 


Name it as you wish, we set number of fields to 2 because we only use 2 fields ( Name, Surname) 

Separator is Space because in our google sheet it is set as space


Field names are Name And Surname as that is what we are trying to split here


And the field we are splitting is the Full name for this use-case.


This is how the custom field will look like when it is done


Now we map them to their appropriate positions, 


And as we can see everything transfered correctly from our "Preview Values" Option 


That is all for the Split Field.


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