HTML Forms | How to use ?

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First thing we need to do is integrate HTML Forms .

This can be done in a few easy steps :

Go to Syncspider integrations and find "HTML Forms" 

After that Name the integration however you want.

In my case i named it CudaGames Forms because im using the form from Cudagames website . 

Then you have to add the URL of the website you are taking the form from or creating the form on. ( Not the form link but just the link of the website)

IMPORTANT NOTICE ( Form can be either created in Syncspider (embeded) or you can use the form that you already have created ( smart) )

Then click save and integration is integrated!

Second step is creating a task that you want to automate forms to ( HTML forms can only be a source integration ) so the destination can be alot of integrations (Moosend, MailChimp, Google Sheets Etc.) 

In this case i will be using Moosend (Subscriber) as the destination integration.

First thing we have to do is configure the source integration . We are using a smart form in this case ( already created on the website)

I've got the form link in this case 

Then i have to click on generate to generate a small code to add to the backend of the website copy it then  you can paste it anywhere in the contect heading but i would recommend at the end

After you have added the code parse it and delete the fields you dont need for the mapping ( In my case i just need name, email, telephone, and comment because thats all i got in my form ) 

Then click on next and you are in the mapping section !

After that connect the mapping and click finish, Then you have task settings

You can set the "When to start a trigger" I would recommend "on event" and "on submit" because its a form we are using. 

Activation of the task is possible instantly as shown on the screenshot below.

After you have added everything click on finish and the task is activated ! 

For the Embeded integration is the same proccess , but you can add some custom stuff that you want :) 

We got a video turtorial too ! Check the video below !


If you got any questions or need any assistance feel free to contact our support through SyncSpider ! 

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