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In this Article we will be explaining how to save your Listing Details, Payment settings, Shipping settings and Return policy Template so you can use your Customer Data more than once in a single Template.


Here are some common questions regarding templates and answers to help you understand what are the benefits of using Templates


  • What are the templates ?

    A template is a form or pattern used as a guide to making something,  In this case a Profile to help you save time on Typing out Users settings that you already typed out.


  • Where should the user click to use the existing templates?

    User should Click on "Template Profiles" In "eBay Options" in the task.


  • When can the users use them ?

    User can use them in any eBay Integration where he needs to use the same Profile two or more times.


  • What should a user do if there is no template the user needs?

    User should create a template under "Template Profiles" where he can save them and use them later at any time.


  • Can they create new ones that don't exist already in the database?



  • What options do the users have in settings regarding templates (private/public), 

    where to click to set it and what that means?


    Only SyncSpider Developers and Admins can set Templates to Public, This might be changed in the future






In the eBay Target configuration Page, You can save your template so you don't have to type out all the necessary information again. 


Step 1.  After you have mapped all the Information and settings you need, Name your template and Save it. 


After you have saved it , you can simply use it whenever you need it with the same Customer information that you need.


NOTE: You can have as much templates as you need. 


With this we will end our Article


If you got any questions feel free to contact our support. 

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