Map Product Variations from WooCommerce to Dokan

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if you have a Product export from WooCommerce to Dokan and need to include Product Variations, make sure to map Product Attributes collection.


Double-check to have valid values for Product ID and (Product) Parent ID.

(Product) Parent ID is the non-variable/root Product's ID, whereas Product ID will be the Variation's ID. Make sure to enable Automatic Parent Product Creation if unsure that the variations structure is valid for all products and their variations.  

Note: do not map Product ID (Product) Parent ID as you will receive the following error:


To map Vendor info, please use the store_owner_id field with the Metadata Attributes section at the bottom of the Mapping step setup page:



Despite technically being just a WooCommerce extension, Dokan deploys quite different fields and denominations for data, Product data in particular. We have already re-worked and overcome many incompatibilities, however your feedback on any present issues is highly appreciated. Only with your help we can keep growing and making SyncSpider better and comfier for your use and needs!


If you encounter any further issues or feel in need of assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our Support Team! 

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