How to Add New Contacts to existing Lists in SendFox?

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With our SendFox integration model, you are able to add New Contacts to one or more SendFox lists automatically.


The purpose of this article is to show you how to do just that, with additional tips and tricks that might help you automate your workflow further.


Adding new Contact to a List consists of two steps:


• Obtaining the Lists ID

• Using that List ID while mapping a contact


Note: If you already know your SendFox List's ID, you can skip the first step and move on straight to mapping.


Step 1:

To find out the ID of your Lists:


• Set up a new Task with SendFox as a Source Integration (don't worry, you don't have to actually run this task or keep it after obtaining the List ID)

• Set the Entity to Lists




• Set the Target Integration to Google Sheets, with the Sheet having two columns - ListID and ListName




• In the Mapping Section, map the "ID" field with the appropriate Google Sheet's column, as shown in the picture below:



and select Thousand Separator to Empty:




Then, map the "name" field with the appropriate Google Sheet's column, as shown in the picture below:




After that is done, click on "Preview Values" found on the right-hand, side, as shown in the picture below:




You are now able to see the IDs of all your Lists you currently have in your SendFox account:




Note: You can actually complete the task and create a SpreadSheet that keeps track of all your SendFox Lists IDs. Simply run the task every time you create a new List in SendFox, or use one of SyncSpider's task triggers.



Alternatively, you can just write down the ID numbers and proceed to 


Step 2

To add a Contact to a specific SendFox's List, set up a new task where SendFox is a Target Integration, with the desired Entity being "Create Contacts"



Source Integration would, of course, be any platform or app from which you wish to get Contacts from,


Note: It is recommended to keep all tasks pertaining to SendFox's lists under one Project, with appropriate Task descriptions so you can organize better.


In the mapping section, map Contacts' First name, Last name and email, as shown in the picture below:




Now, to add the Contact to a specific List, map the "lists" field with a Constant Value, as shown in the picture below:




Set the Constant Value to be the desired List's ID number, as shown in the picture below:




That is pretty much it :)

Upon successful Task execution, all the Contacts mapped should appear in the desired List.


Additional Information:

To incorporate this method into your workflow, it is recommended that you set up separate tasks for each List, with appropriate name and description:




Doing this will put you into full control of what gets sent where, and when, utilizing SyncSpider's Project Dashboard to the fullest. 



We hope you found this Article helpful :)


If you still have any questions or inquiries left unanswered, please email us at [email protected].

Additionally, you can shoot us a message via our website's chat widget or get in touch with us on our Facebook page, and our Customer Support Representatives will be more than happy to assist you.

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