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Here we have the following fields:


Request type

  • Used to specify the type of request of the call.

  • Supported: POST, GET, PUT, PATCH and DELETE


  • Used to specify the type of data sent/received

  • Supported: JSON, x-www-form-urlencoded and CSV

API Endpoint

  • Used to write out the remaining portion of the url used for this particular endpoint

  • Usually starts after the version dash (e.g. .../v1/”Api Endpoint”)


  • Used to specify the direction of data flow done with this data type

  • Supported: Import data to SyncSpider  and  Export data from SyncSpider

  • If you chooses to Export data from Syn the Pagination step will not be needed and will be removed. ( is by default 20 calls per minute? )

Use dynamic URL?

  • Used to specify whether or not Api Endpoint is a dynamic url or not

  • If checked the system expects there to be a dynamic part in url in the Api Endpoint field and that it is marked with curly brackets {} no matter how it was marked in the given system, we always use the curly brackets.

  • Once checked a new dropdown menu will appear with the name of it being derived from the value inside the brackets, in this case {id}. This value is changeable as it only carries internal significance so you can change it into more descriptive forms like {identifier}.
    The dropdown selection that appeared will offer you the already added data types from which you chose the one you want to pull data from.

  • In this case it is Lists that we created before, precisely for this reason, as it will hold all the list id’s. More on this in the Dynamic url step down bellow. 


  • Having chosen the source for our dynamic url we get an additional step in our Data Type building process and it carries the name of our dynamic part of the Api endpoint. As you can see at the right side of the Data Type building process.

More on that added step in the DYNAMIC URI COMPONENT.


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