How to use Google Sheets as a Datahub

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• export everything from a system that needs to receive data (stock updates and so on)




If we wanted to update stock in WooCommerce, we would first export the products from a Google sheet.

It is recommended for the sheet to contain ID/SKU, Name, Quantity, and Price, at minimum.

So why not directly map with Magento?

By using this method you can place additional filters or adjust some field in WooCommerce where SKU from Magento is kept, allowing both platforms to match their products. 

e.g. Storing Mag SKU in WooCom custom field, match can be done by this.

This is achieved by selecting "Update or Create using UID" as Export behavior, and selecting SKU or similar as UID.



magento sku (custom field) da bude uid

Create or Update will update matching products across both platforms(WooCommerce and sheet) and create new products if there is no corresponding UID in target integration.
There are also options to only update or only create products.


example 2 mag u sheet - match po mag2 custom field + filtriranje po vendoru koji se zove Magento. (google sheet destination filters)




iz magenta u sheet

+sku od custom fielda


If an update were to come from the source, it would apply it to both WooCommerce's and Magento's products, as they share the SKU, which is our unique identifier.





This type of filter is applicable to multiple fields (sheet columns) at once.

Currently, there is only "equals" filter, but more kinds of filters (such as is set, less than, etc.), much like those for source data, are planned.

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