Oauth2 Template

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As previously mentioned when dealing with this type of authorization we run into a lot of variations with uniquely required fields some of which may be filled the same for all users. 

Because of this we have decided to separate this process in two parts

The one that our developer will do for you (Required authentication)

and the part that you will have to finish yourself (the remaining 3 Pop-up field options).  


Once you detect that this is indeed the required authentication option you intend to use (based on the documentation) and that no other option will do, you will report the name of the platform that needs this type of template to our developer so that he may add a new option in the Template dropdown list. 


That developer will then create all the needed fields and fill them with whatever info is standard for all users leaving you to simply select the newly added Template from the dropdown list.


Additionally we have the Show login button checkbox that provides us with the ability to place a button that will automatically log the user on with the credentials on that setup page that are already entered speeding up the process.(instead of just leaving a link and having them go to it and then log on with those same credentials they just typed in)



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