Send Product Data from WooCommerce to Ebay

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In this Tutorial, you will learn:

·  How to Share Products from Woocommerce to Ebay



You Can integrate WooCommerce using steps mentioned Here whereas Ebay integration is done using simple Sign In Method in Ebay Integration. For How to Create a Task Follow this method.



Choose Woocommerce as Source Integration and Select Product from Drop Down List and Click on Next.



Select Ebay in Target Integration and Select Product from Drop Down List and Click on Next.



In this step configure your woocommerce integration. Here for example purposes I am choosing SKU as unique Identifier in source data, You can also choose Product ID or Name if they have unique Values.In Products to import section I have chosen All data to be imported from Woocommerce everytime a new trigger is activated.,




In this step you can filter your source data depending upon different situation, In My scenario I am not filtering any data so I will proceed next.



In Target configuration section,You can choose the categories where you want to Export your data from WooCommerce, you can maximum choose 3 categories and can import/export data upto 2000 Items



In this step you will configure your ebay store listing detail, payment & shipping settings with return policy. In shipping settings, you can maximum choose 4 options.




Map data from Woocommerce to Ebay store according to your needs and click On Preview Values on right side to see your data mappings. Once completed click on Next.




In final step name your task , and automate your task upon your criteria here I choose on event when new product is created in WooCommerce, so when new product is created in Woocommerce it will automatically be updated to ebay and finally toggle your task activation button and finish your integration. Your task is now COMPLETED.



You can send Woocommerce/Ebay Product & Order data to any other integration we currently support. 

Check the list of all tools we support here. If you don't see your favorite tool on our list, please take time and send us a request to create integration for it here.

Or up-vote it if it's already on the list:)

We are choosing with integrations to develop firs based on your request and up-votes!

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